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We are an NSSIA accredited Surf Program. We offer fun and safe programs designed for all abilities, and have specialized adaptive skills programs (indoors and ocean) that are offered year round! We emphasize the most elite quality surf programs, completely personalized to best suit your needs. We are passionate about quality over quantity and therefore safety is our #1 priority.


Surf Therapy & Social Skills

Founded by Rey Carungcong, NSSIA-cert


SHAKA SURF CLUB’S unique surf programs are designed for children, adolescents and adults of all abilities; including Adaptive Skills! Our team of Surf & Aquatic Specialists will ensure that every participant gets the opportunity to make new friends, practice social skills, learn stress management techniques, increase gross motor skills, improve executive functioning skills, muscle tone, and spatial awareness…all while having fun learning surf skills in a nurturing environment.

Our Recovery Through Surfing program is all about taking therapy outside of a room and into nature. Surfing can be a truly therapeutic and transformative experience. The majority of our participants in recovery (both teens and adults) have never tried surfing before, but after their experience with Shaka Surf Club, they leave with a passion for surfing.

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Surfing ~ Wellness & Fitness

Surf Programs for Fitness, Recreation & Wellness


With SHAKA SURF CLUB, you will experience an unparalleled level of personalized service while having access to the highest quality equipment. SHAKA SURF CLUB provides fun, safe, and personalized surf classes for all ages and abilities, including those with special needs. Surf lessons are provided year round at various locations and our exclusive Shaka Surf Fitness program, SURF-FUN-FIT, also runs year round at our aquatics facility in West Hills.

You will learn much more than just a new sport with SHAKA SURF CLUB; you will also be enriched in a laid-back culture and lifestyle. It is an invaluable experience that lasts a lifetime. Surfing truly is one of the best activities for body, mind, and soul.

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